Obama and Isis

Ultimately, this is the same bed that the West made — and in which it slept — in Afghanistan in the 1980s. – Ahmad Samith Khalidi

I’ve struggle to understand the motivation behind the Obama regime’s seeming efforts (in the tradition of his predecessor) to continually undermine the stability of the Middle East. Is it a matter of naiveté or cynical calculation – or, most likely, an especially toxic and particularly American combination of the two?

Of course, I’d be happy to see ISIS annihilated, regardless of who carried out the task, however Obama’s effort to use this as an excuse to expand US involvement in the Syrian civil war must be called out. Ahmad Samith Khalidi does just this in an excellent and sober exposure of the fallacy of Obama’s embrace of the “moderate” Syrian opposition in an op-ed piece in today’s New York Times: To Crush ISIS, Make a Deal With Assad.

The article is too eloquent and cogent for me to summarize – just take a minute and go read it yourself.

(It is a reminder that this is one more reason for us to hope that the Ukrainian situation can be brought to a conclusion – one which respects the legitimate national interests of all parties involved – so Mr. Putin can get back to doing yet another of those things that he does so well: checking Mr. Obama’s imperial overreach in the Middle East.)

Note – For a collection of other articles by Mr. Khalidi, see his page at (a href=”http://www.theguardian.com/profile/ahmadsamihkhalidi”>The Guardian.

Just How Bad Are Things in England?

When Searchlight Magazine (“fighting fascism and racism internationally for 50 years” and generally devoted to bashing the nationalist right wherever it is to be found) admits

“There is a particular problem of abuse by gangs of men of Muslim Pakistani origin in some towns, and the failure of authorities to respond.”

then you know that you really have a real problem.

The current scandal involving the sexual abuse of some 1400 British girls (including the murder of at least one) by an organized ring of Pakistani men during a 16-year period has been unfolding over the past several years in the English city of Rotherham and has been well-publicized.

Recently an independent report confirmed that a large part of the reason that the crimes were allowed to go on for so long was that the local authorities were afraid of being labeled racist. Although Searchlight tries to assure us that political correctness run amok was not the “only” reason for the criminal inaction on the part of the authorities, it points to

… the failure of the relevant authorities to respond to the complaints of the victims and their families on the grounds that they were afraid of being thought racist. The report cites evidence from several employees who were told by their managers not to identify the ethnic origin of perpetrators and there can be no doubt that this was a major factor. Incredibly, the findings of one researcher who warned many years ago of the problem of sexual abuse were ignored and she was sent on “racial awareness training”.

Unfortunately, of course, however much we might blame the madness of multiculturalism for Rotherham, we do have to agree with Searchlight that it is not the only reason. Indeed, the latest developments in that case come heels of the unbelievably grotesque sex scandal involving the utterly loathsome BBC DJ and “personality” Jimmy Savile (see below), whose heinous acts were enabled over decades by the refusal of the British establishment – from the police to the National Health Service to the media – to act on what was apparently an open secret, with his “exposure” coming only after his death.

So, I guess I have a few questions:

What’s up with those Brits? How can they possibly have allowed such things to go on for so long?
When are we going to see some real heads back on London Bridge?


Galliawatch has a recent post on Rotherham with a link to a very interesting study on the subject “Easy Meat” – Multiculturalism, Islam and Child Sex Slavery which dispenses entirely with pc pieties.

On Savile – see the extensive Wikipedia page Jimmy Savile sexual abuse scandal or the page at (the deeply culpable) BBC devoted to the Jimmy Savile scandal.

From a Washington Post article summarizing his story:

Savile… was a prolific pedophile…. In all, Savile is believed to have abused at least 500 girls and boys, some as young as two, most between 13 and 15, as well as countless adults ranging up to 75 years old…. [H]e raped and fondled boys, girls, men and women in offices and corridors. He also allegedly committed sexual acts on dead bodies, and even told several hospital workers that he made jewelry out of one man’s glass eyeball…. even more shocking is the fact that Savile got away with it for so long. – How BBC star Jimmy Savile got away with allegedly abusing 500 children and sex with dead bodies

For Ukraine


From El Mozárabe

(Also take the time to read Enemigo Mio – an interesting corrective to the blind Putinophilia rampant in certain sectors.)

The Culture War: Like I Was Saying…

I was looking at the interesting new(ish) blog Traditional Right and was struck by a recent post there by William Lind. Lind was associated at one time with Paul Weyrich‘s Free Congress Foundation and is best known for his role in developing Fourth Generation Warfare theory but has also written on the Culture War and against what he calls “Cultural Marxism.” The post, What’s Wrong With “Tolerance?”, was, I thought, an excellent illustration of the point I made in my own of a couple of weeks ago on the current state of the Culture War.

The point of Lind’s piece was that, while the left claims to promote a an ethic of tolerance, its commitment is really to a

…tolerance for all ideas and movements emanating from the Left, and intolerance for all ideas and movements coming from the right. In other words, when cultural Marxists demand “tolerance,” they are really calling for intolerance toward conservatives and their beliefs….

He goes on to argue that

We [on the right] should… reaffirm the benefits of true tolerance, tolerance as practiced in two of my favorite traditional societies, old England and Prussia. Both were famous for their broad toleration of eccentrics, and both benefited from it. At one point in the 1880s, General Helmuth von Moltke, chief of the Prussian General Staff, ordered the organization to go out and recruit the oddballs and the eccentrics, on the grounds that they usually have the best ideas. That is still true, especially of us eccentrics on the traditional right.

Of course, the left’s refusal to accept the legitimacy of any dissent from the multiculturalist line and its intent to stamp out all opposition is old news. I mention the article not because it offers any new insights into our dilemma, but because of its plaintiveness – its complain that the left is not “playing fair.” Its entire groveling tone – ending with its hope that there will be a place somewhere for “us eccentrics” – is really an acknowledgement of defeat and an implicit plea for terms from an enemy which will be satisfied only with complete and unconditional surrender. Mr. Lind should know better.

(For more of my posts on Lind and 4GW, see here.)

Note – By the way, I suspect that the Traditional Right blog has its roots in the New Traditionalist project founded under the auspices of the Weyrich and the Free Congress Foundation some (10 or 12?) years ago. It was an interesting effort at the time but one which never seemed to really take off, at least as far as I could tell. In any case, I don’t mean this post to be overly negative as far as TR is concerned. There’s a lot there that’s interesting and it is a blog definitely worth following.

Another Take on the Mexican Drug War

What the DTOs [Drug Trafficing Organizations] are really selling is logistics, much like Wal-Mart and Amazon.com…. Amazon may have started as a bookseller, but its dominance, as Fast Company put it, is “now less about what it sells than how it sells,” providing a distribution hub for all sorts of products. Drug-trafficking organizations are using the same philosophy to cut costs, better control distribution, and develop new sources of revenue.Think Again: Mexican Drug Cartels

I’ve not written much lately about the Mexican drug wars partly because I just haven’t written much lately period, and partly because the news has been pretty much of the always-gruesome same. Still, I thought that the recent Foreign Policy article on the topic by Evelyn Krache Morris was interesting in that it makes clear that the Mexican cartels have gone far beyond the drug smuggling operations of their early days and are now heavily involved in moving (illegally, of course) whatever will turn a profit. This could be drugs, could be precursor chemicals for meth production, could be pirated software and DVDs, could be people and could be something even worse.

Logistics, then, are the DTOs’ main source of revenue, and illegal drugs are but one of the products they offer. As the cartels’ revenue streams become increasingly diversified, the drug trade will become less and less important. In fact, the prospect of the DTOs’ selling their services to terrorists, say by transporting weapons of mass destruction across the U.S.-Mexico border, has begun to frighten analysts both inside and outside government.

Morris also outlines the growing presence of the cartels within the US – not only as a means of supporting their smuggling operations (essentially the “wholesale” side) but also moving into the street-level “retail” side. (See, for example, this LA Times article from a few days ago on the indictment of some 2 dozen members of a Pasadena-based gang working with the Sinaloa cartel to sell heroin, meth and cocaine in that city and elsewhere.)

Overall, given the cartel’s diversification, the profound corruption within Mexico and the resilience of the cartels themselves, Morris argues that neither legalization of drugs nor intensified policing will succeed in defeating them. Instead, she says, the US should “follow the money.” Outlining the involvement of some of the largest banks in the world in the laundering of the massive amounts of cartel funds, she argues that the best way to hurt the cartels is by aggressively pursuing the cash:

The staggering profits of illegal trade would be much less attractive if the DTOs could not launder, deposit, and ultimately spend their money…. Stanching the cartels’ profits will do more to end the bloodshed than any new fence or law.

An overstatement perhaps, but still an article well worth reading.

(For more of my posts on Mexico, see here.)

The Culture War – Now It’s About Survival

Let’s be clear – the Culture War has entered a new phase.  The war over gay marriage – the metaphor for the entire conflict – has been decided. The forces of tradition have been defeated by the forces of modernity.  There will be more battles of course, with victories and defeats for both sides, but it has become clear that the traditionalists are fighting for an ultimately losing cause.  The question now is what sort of victory the forces of modernity will demand and whether they insist on – and succeed in imposing – an unconditional surrender on the part of the forces of tradition.

This will be answered in a myriad of small ways – many of them centered around how iordinary people live their lives. One of these is being fought out now in Colorado, where the a bakery owner has been ordered to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple after refusing to do so for religious reasons. (Judge Rules Colorado Bakery Discriminated Against Gay Couple)

This is hardly the first such ruling (see, for example Colliding causes: Gay rights and religious liberty) and parallels widespread efforts to force the Catholics and Catholic institutions to provide contraceptive and abortion services (Catholic Bishops: We Will Not Comply With the HHS Abortion Mandate. (And Catholics are hardly the only ones under attack on the “healthcare” issue. The Supreme Court has agreed to hear arguments in the cases involving other small business owners seeking exemption from the requirements of the Affordable Healthcare Act. (The righteousness in Hobby Lobby’s cause.)

In fact, the best evidence of the fact that the Culture War is now a fundamentally defensive one on the part of the forces of tradition is the proliferation of organizations aimed at protecting religious liberties, not in communist China or the Islamist Middle East, but here at home. (For example, LDS Church joins ‘growing chorus’ of faiths asking followers to defend religious liberty.

It is increasingly clear, however, that the forces of modernity will not be satisfied simpling winning on the issues of Gay Marriage, abortion and contraception. They will insist that there be no opting out and no real expressions of dissent. They are committed to a war of annihilation and the pleading of the faithful for “religious freedom” and toleration fall on deaf ears.

How things will turn out is hard to predict. Whether America’s Old Believers will be allowed a public existence in the next decades is a very real question – and one which will be answered by the ability of the forces of tradition to wage a successful rearguard action. Defeat cannot mean surrender.

A Recent Piece by William Lind

“In most of the world, democracy is not an option. The only real options are tyranny or anarchy, and when you work against tyranny, you are working for anarchy.” – William S. Lind

It was nice to see William S. Lind of Fourth Generation Warfare fame re-surface with a sensible little article 4GW is Alive and Well at the blog Slightly East of New last month. (Yes, I know that he frequently appears at The American Conservative, but that is typically on public transportation issues.)

Written in response to a blog post answering “yes” to the question Is 4GW Dead?, the article includes a brief survey of the state of the world and concludes (unsurprisingly) on a rather pessimistic note.

“If the children now running our foreign policy and the mindless ‘droids who head our armed services are ever replaced by serious adults, you will see two changes…. Absent those two very large changes [read the article to see what those are], the ship of state is going over the falls. My advice: Swim to shore while you still can.”

Actually, on second thought, may he’s not such a pessimist – after all, he’s still optimistic enough to believe that there’s a “shore” to swim to!

(For my past 4GW posts, see here.)


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